Al "The Human Knot"
Age (at audition) 33
Sex Male
Act Contortionist
Seasons 6
Position Reached Unknown

Al "The Human Knot", real name Al Millar, was a contortionist act from Season 6 of America's Got Talent.


Al "The Human Knot" was a contestant on the first season of Australia's Got Talent in 2007. He finished in the Top 8.


Al "The Human Knot"'s audition in Episode 607 consisted of contorting his arm to fit into a tennis racket along with his neck and other arm. It is unknown whether he was buzzed or continued into the competition, but even if he did continue, he did not progress to the Quarterfinals.

More Unsuccessful Acts ~ America's Got Talent, New York Auditions00:53

More Unsuccessful Acts ~ America's Got Talent, New York Auditions

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