Episode 1012
Location Radio City Music Hall
Acts Participating 12
Acts Moving On 12
Acts Eliminated 0
Televised on August 11, 2015
Previous Episode Episode 1011
Next Episode Episode 1013

The twelfth episode of Season 10, and the two hundred and thirty-first episode of America's Got Talent overall, aired on August 11, 2015. It was the first of three Quarterfinals performance episodes and took place in Radio City Music Hall. 12 acts performed for 7 spots in the Semifinals.

Despite being eliminated in the Judge Cuts, Alondra Santos returned to the competition as a replacement for either Silvia Silvia or Duo Volta, both of whom withdrew.

Craig and Micheline and Showproject also joined the Quarterfinals despite not appearing in the Judge Cuts.


Symbol Meaning
Ovation Standing Ovation
X Buzzer
Name Image Act Howard Heidi Mel B Howie
1. Siro-A Siro-a Video Projection Dance Group Ovation Ovation Ovation Ovation
2. Alondra Santos Alondrasantos Mariachi Singer
3. Vita Radionova Vitaradionova Contortionist
4. Triple Threat Triplethreat Vocal Trio X X X
5. The Gentlemen Thegentlemen Hip-Hop Dance Duo
6. Piff the Magic Dragon Piffthemagicdragon Magician/Comedian
7. Benton Blount Bentonblount Country Singer/Guitarist
8. Craig and Micheline Craigandmicheline Dancers
9. Drew Lynch Drewlynch Stand-up Comedian Ovation Ovation Ovation
10. Showproject Showproject Gymnastics Team
11. Paul Zerdin Paulzerdin Ventriloquist Ovation Ovation Ovation Ovation
12. Samantha Johnson Samanthajohnson Singer Ovation Ovation Ovation Ovation

Guest Performers