Episode 102
Location New York, New York
Acts Participating 29
Acts Moving On 25
Acts Eliminated 4
Televised on June 28, 2006
Previous Episode Episode 101
Next Episode Episode 103

The second episode of Season 1, and the second episode of America's Got Talent overall, aired on June 28, 2006. It was the second of three auditions episodes and took place in New York. 25 acts from this episode proceeded to the Semifinals, and 4 acts were rejected.

The auditions of only 17 accepted acts were televised. The 8 other accepted acts were shown in a brief montage at the end of the episode.

Moved On (Televised)

Name Image Act Piers Brandy David
All That Allthat1 Clogging Group Check Check Check
Leonid the Magnificent Leonidthemagnificent1 Novelty Act Check Check X
Elliot Zimet Elliotzimet Magician Check Check Check
Corina Brouder Corinabrouder Singer/Harpist Check Check Check
Dave Smith Davesmithonemansideshow Sideshow Performer Check Check X
PBM Pbm Band X Check Check
Michelle L'amour Michellel'amour Burlesque Dancer Check X Check
Side Swipe Sideswipe1 Martial Arts Dance Group Check Check Check
Bianca Ryan Biancaryan Singer Check Check Check

Moved On (Not Televised)

The Hemphill Kids
Daniel Colin
Aaron Burr
Shawn Ryan
Clarence Donaldson
Billy Januario
King Charles Troupe


Name Image Act Piers Brandy David
William J. McGowan Williamj.mcgowan Opera Singer X X X
Frank Simon Franksimon Chin Balancer X X X
Matthew Fuhrman Matthewfuhrman Beatboxer X X X
Marlon Reynolds Marlonreynolds Singer X X X


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