Episode 109
Location Hollywood, California
Acts Participating 10
Acts Moving On 2
Acts Eliminated 8
Televised on July 27, 2006
Previous Episode Episode 108
Next Episode Episode 110

The ninth episode of Season 1, and the ninth episode of America's Got Talent overall, aired on July 27, 2006. It was the third of five Semifinals results episodes and took place in Hollywood. Bianca Ryan was revealed to be the top vote-getter of the acts who performed in the previous episode. She joined Rappin' Granny from the same episode in the Finals.

Moving On

Name Image Act Result
Rappin' Granny Rappin'granny Rapper Judges' Choice
Bianca Ryan Biancaryan Singer Viewers' Choice


Nathan Burton was revealed to have finished in second place in America's Vote, eliminating him from the competition; however, he was automatically given one of the ten spots in the Wild Card Show for previously eliminated acts.

Color Meaning
Viewers' 2nd + Wild Card
Caitlyn Taylor Love
Elliot Zimet
Kenny Shelton
Nathan Burton
Sonia Lee
Team AcroDunk
Trey Knight's Stilt World

Guest Performers

Weird and Wacky Talents

  • 1. Arthur the One Man Band, One-Man Band
  • 2. Zach Freeman, Singer/Sampler Performer
  • 3. Bandaloni, One-Man Band
  • 4. Mayling Garcia, Glass Harmonicist
  • 5. Duane Flatmo, Eggbeater Guitarist (Moved On)

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