Episode 113
Location Hollywood, California
Acts Participating 10
Acts Moving On 2
Acts Eliminated 8
Televised on August 10, 2006
Previous Episode Episode 112
Next Episode Episode 114

The thirteenth episode of Season 1, and the thirteenth episode of America's Got Talent overall, aired on August 10, 2006. It was the last of five Semifinals results episodes and took place in Hollywood.

David & Dania - Quick Change was revealed to be the top vote-getter of the acts who performed in the previous episode. It joined All That from the same episode in the Finals.

Moving On

Name Image Act Result
All That Allthat1 Clogging Group Judges' Choice
David & Dania - Quick Change David&dania-quickchange Quick Change Act Viewers' Choice


Nathan Burton was revealed to have finished in second place in America's Vote, eliminating him from the competition. Jessica Sanchez, Natasha Le, Alexis Jordan, and Leonid the Magnificent finished in the Top 6 in America's Vote.

Color Meaning
Viewers' 2nd
Top 6
Alexis Jordan
Bobby Badfingers
Corina Brouder
Jessica Sanchez
Leonid the Magnificent
Natasha Le
Nathan Burton

Guest Performers

Weird and Wacky Talents

  • 1. The Sizzle Twins, Stripping Juggling Duo
  • 2. Nikolo Ashford, Board Breaker
  • 3. Jim McDonald, Hula-Hoop Dancer
  • 4. The Rubberband Kid, Rubber Band Sharpshooter
  • 5. Dave Nakfoor, Egg Mouth Catcher (Moved On)

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