Episode 1206
Acts Participating 28
Acts Moving On 17
Acts Eliminated 7
Televised on July 11, 2017
Previous Episode Episode 1205
Next Episode Episode 1207

The sixth episode of Season 12, and the two hundred and seventieth episode of America's Got Talent overall, aired on July 11, 2017. It was the last of six auditions episodes. 16 acts from this episode proceeded to the Judge Cuts, and 7 acts were rejected. One act was sent straight to the Quarterfinals. The judges' decision for 4 acts were never televised.

Moved On

Name Image Act Howie Mel B Heidi Simon
5 Alive 5alive Boyband Check Check Check X
German Cornejo Dance Company Germancornejodancecompany Dance Group Check Check Check Check
Angelina Green Angelinagreen Singer GoldButton
The Quiddlers Thequiddlers Puppeteer Group Check Check Check Check
Veronica Gonzalez Veronicagonzalez Foot Puppeteer Check Check Check Check
Brobots & Mandroidz Brobots&mandroidz Hip-Hop Dance Crew Check Check Check Check
Aileen George Aileengeorge Pole Dancer Check Check
Harrison Greenbaum Harrisongreenbaum Stand-up Comedian Check Check Check Check
Clark Jacques Clarkjacques Hand Balancer Check
Yosein Chi Yoseinchi Hand Balancer Check Check Check Check
Inka Tiitto Inkatiitto Indoor Skydiver Check Check Check Check
Jonathan Rinny Jonathanrinny Balancing Acrobat Check Check Check Check
Mike Yung Mikeyung Singer Check X Check Check
Canion Shijirbat Canionshijirbat Multimedia Dancer Check Check Check Check
Danylo and Oskar Danyloandoskar Acrobat Duo Check Check Check Check
Mirror Image Mirrorimage Vocal/Dance Duo Check Check Check X
Brandon Rogers Brandonrogers Singer Check Check Check Check


Name Image Act Howie Mel B Heidi Simon
The Bigger Cheese Thebiggercheese Dancer X
Unnamed Unnameddancer21206 Dancer X X X X
Sexy Rexy Unnamedt-rexsuitpoledancer1206 T-Rex Suit Pole Dancer X X X X
Vispi Kasad & Team India Vispikasad&teamindia Danger Duo X X X Check
Toni Baloni Tonibaloni Stand-up Comedian X X X Check
Minnie Wynn Minniewynn Singer/Ukulelist X X X Check
The Enema Bandit Theenemabandit Novelty Act X X X Check


Name Image Act Howie Mel B Heidi Simon
Unnamed Unnamedbatontwirler1206 Baton Twirler X
Unnamed Unnamednoveltydancer1206 Novelty Dancer
Joey the Leprechaun Joeytheleprechaun Dancer
Unnamed Unnamedpoitwirler1206 Poi Ball Twirler


  • This is the only audition episode that featured no finalists


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