Episode 1213
Location Dolby Theatre
Acts Participating 12
Acts Moving On 12
Acts Eliminated 0
Televised on August 22, 2017
Previous Episode Episode 1212
Next Episode Episode 1214

The thirteenth episode of Season 12, and the two hundred and seventy-eighth episode of America's Got Talent overall, aired on August 22, 2017. It was the second of three Quarterfinals performance episodes and took place in the Dolby Theatre. 12 acts performed for 7 spots in the Semifinals.


Symbol Meaning
Ovation Standing Ovation
X Buzzer
Name Image Act Howie Mel B Heidi Simon
1. Brobots & Mandroidz Brobots&mandroidz Hip-Hop Dance Crew Ovation Ovation Ovation
2. Celine Tam Celinetam Singer Ovation
3. Mirror Image Mirrorimage Vocal/Dance Duo Ovation Ovation Ovation X
4. Johnny Manuel Johnnymanuel Singer Ovation Ovation Ovation Ovation
5. Merrick Hanna Merrickhanna Dancer Ovation Ovation
6. Eric Jones Ericjones Magician Ovation Ovation
7. The Masqueraders Themasqueraders Soul Trio Ovation Ovation
8. Light Balance Lightbalance Light-Up Dance Crew Ovation Ovation Ovation Ovation
9. Evie Clair Evieclair Singer/Pianist Ovation Ovation Ovation Ovation
10. Demian Aditya Demianaditya Illusionist X X
11. The Pompeyo Family Thepompeyofamily Dog Act Ovation Ovation
12. Mandy Harvey Mandyharvey Singer/Ukulelist Ovation Ovation Ovation Ovation


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