Junior and Emily




Age (at audition) 22, 18; 31, 27
Sex Mixed
Act Salsa Dancer Duo
Seasons 3, 12
Position Reached Vegas Round, TBD

Junior and Emily are a salsa dancer duo from Season 3 of America's Got Talent. They were eliminated in the Vegas Round, but they were called back again as a Wild Card in Hollywood. However, they were eliminated again when they did not receive enough votes to enter the Quarterfinals. Junior and Emily returned nine years later for Season 12 first as Junior and Emily Alabi, then back as Junior and Emily.


Junior Alabi II and Emily Alabi are a brother and sister team originally from San Francisco and now living in Los Angeles, California. Junior and Emily have performed, taught, and competed all over the world. They are one of the hottest Pro-couples on the International circuit bringing them to be one of the best in the world. Their electrifying routines blow the roof off of Congresses, Festivals, and corporate shows around the world. Through their dancing they have traveled and toured through the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and Africa.

Through the years, Junior and Emily have created their own unique style of dancing, which has swept stages around the world. They are 8-time National and International Salsa Dance Champions and are the youngest solo internationally traveling couple. They have graced the cover of various Latin magazines, as well as been the face of many International Salsa Congresses around the world. They are currently one of the most sought out dance couples in the Salsa World.

They have been on TV and in commercials. They have worked with Celebrity Artists such as Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Jon Favreau, Sofia Vergara, Justin Timberlake, Jamie King, Selena Gomez, just to name a few. They have guest appeared on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ in Italy and have also done promotions for ‘Dancing With The Stars’ in the US. They were on the hit TV show "America's Got Talent" being one of the first dance couples to bring salsa to Prime Time TV. They were also assistant choreographers on the hit TV show ' So You Think You Can Dance' choreographing the Mambo in Season 2 and choreographers for Disney’s popular TV show ‘Austin and Alley.’ They were also featured dancers on Disney’s ‘Shake it Up’, The Kris Jenner Show and ABC’s ‘Make it or Break it.’ They have accomplished so much at such a young age, but for them this is just the beginning. Junior and Emily will continue to deliver fast, energetic, and exciting performances that will inspire and welcome the new generation of dance. 1

Season 3 Audition

Junior and Emily's audition in Episode 303 consisted of performing a fast paced salsa dance routine involving a lot of spinning. David Hasselhoff, Sharon Osbourne, and Piers Morgan all voted "Yes", sending the duo to the Vegas Round.

Season 3 Vegas Round

Junior and Emily was one of the Variety Acts in the Vegas Round. The duo was sorted into the "Dance" category. Its performance in Episode 308 was not televised, but it consisted of a ballroom dance routine involving spinning. Junior and Emily's audition was strong enough for the judges to include them in the Top 60 shortlist, but they were not sent to the Top 40 Quarterfinals, eliminating them from the competition in Episode 309.

Season 3 Wild Card

Junior and Emily was one of eight acts eligible for the Wild Card spot in the Quarterfinals left by the Russian Bar Trio, who was forced to withdraw due to a serious injury. Unfortunately, Junior and Emily did not receive enough votes from America to be sent to the Quarterfinals, eliminating the duo from the competition again in Episode 310.

Season 12 Audition

Junior and Emily Alabi returned in Season 12. The duo's audition in Episode 1201 consisted of dancing together in a fast-paced salsa routine to Lookas & Crankdat's "Game Over". Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell all voted "Yes," sending the duo to the Judge Cuts.

Season 12 Judge Cuts

Junior and Emily's Judge Cuts performance in Episode 1208 consisted of dancing to The Chainsmokers' "Don't Let Me Down". Junior and Emily's performance was strong enough for the judges to send the duo to the Quarterfinals instead of Solto & T Dot.


Junior and Emily's Week 3 Quarterfinals performance in Episode 1215 consisted of performing.

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