Season 10 Quarterfinals
Location Radio City Music Hall
Acts Participating 36
Acts Moving On 22
Acts Eliminated 14
Televised from August 11, 2015 - August 26, 2015
Previous Round Season 10 Judge Cuts
Next Round Season 10 Semifinals

The Quarterfinals of Season 10 of America's Got Talent aired from August 11, 2015 to August 26, 2015. A total of 36 acts performed. 22 acts proceeded to the Semifinals, and 14 acts were eliminated.

  • Italics indicate that the act was either chosen to move on or eliminated in the Judges' Choice, which means they finished in either seventh or eighth in America's Vote.


12 acts performed each week over three weeks. Each week, 7 acts moved onto the Semifinals. 1 act from this round was given a second chance into the next round after having been eliminated.

Week 1

Main articles: Episode 1012 and Episode 1013

Moved On:


Week 2

Main articles: Episode 1014 and Episode 1015

Moved On:


Week 3

Main articles: Episode 1016 and Episode 1017

Moved On:


Wild Card

The judges chose Metal Mulisha Fitz Army as their single Wild Card pick, allowing it to return to the competition in the Semifinals. [1]

Moved On:


The following acts did progress through the Judge Cuts, but, as was later revealed, withdrew from the competition before the Quarterfinals began.

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