Season 12
Winner Darci Lynne
Runner-up Angelica Hale
Judges Howie Mandel
Mel B
Heidi Klum
Simon Cowell
Host Tyra Banks
Held from May 30, 2017-September 20, 2017
Previous Season Season 11
Next Season Season 13

Season 12 of America's Got Talent premiered on May 30, 2017. The entire judging panel from Season 11 returned.

Dunkin' Donuts continued to be the official beverage sponsor of this season, having its products shown throughout the show and their cups on the judges' desks.

On February 16, 2017, Nick Cannon announced that he left the show. Tyra Banks took his place, becoming the show's first female host.

Judging Panel

Howie MandelMel BHeidi KlumSimon Cowell
Howie12 Melb12 Heidi12 Simon12


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Each act that performed in front of the judges was given 90 seconds to demonstrate their talents for the four judges. If an act received at least three "Yes" votes from the judges, they were accepted to the next round. Otherwise, they were eliminated from the competition.

Judge Cuts

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80 acts were pulled from the 100+ acts that were accepted by the judges in the Auditions. The Judge Cuts took place over four days; every day, 20 acts performed with only 7 moving on to the Quarterfinals.

Joining the main judging panel were four guest judges. While each regular judge was given a normal buzzer, each guest had only a Golden Buzzer which he or she could press to send an act to the live shows without further deliberation as one of the 7 acts.


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From the 36 Quarterfinalists, 12 acts performed each week over three weeks. Each week, 7 acts moved onto the Semifinals

The contestants that came in sixth, seventh, and eighth place in America's Vote fought for votes online in the Dunkin' Save. The act who received the most votes earned a spot in the Semifinals. The judges voted between the two remaining acts the last spot of the week in the Semifinals.

Color Meaning
Dunkin' Save
Judges' Choice
Wild Card
Week Moved On Eliminated Date #
1 Angelica Hale Billy & Emily England Christian Guardino Darci Lynne Artyon & Paige Bello Nock Just Jerk August 15, 2017 1211
In The Stairwell Preacher Lawson Yoli Mayor Puddles Pity Party The Singing Trump August 16, 2017 1212
2 Celine Tam Eric Jones Evie Clair Johnny Manuel Brobots & Mandroidz Demian Aditya Mirror Image August 22, 2017 1213
Light Balance Mandy Harvey Merrick Hanna The Masqueraders The Pompeyo Family August 23, 2017 1214
3 Chase Goehring Colin Cloud DaNell Daymon & Greater Works Diavolo Angelina Green Final Draft Junior & Emily Alabi August 29, 2017 1215
Kechi Mike Yung Sara and Hero Oscar Hernandez Oskar and Gaspar August 30, 2017 1216


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From the 22 Semifinalists, 11 acts performed each week over two weeks. Each week, 5 acts moved onto the Finals.

The contestants that came in fourth, fifth, and sixth place in America's Vote fought for votes online in the Dunkin' Save. The act who received the most votes earned a spot in the Finals. The judges voted between the two remaining acts the last spot of the week in the Finals.

Color Meaning
Dunkin' Save
Judges' Choice
Week Moved On Eliminated Date #
1 Chase Goehring Darci Lynne Evie Clair Billy & Emily England DaNell Daymon & Greater Works Eric Jones September 5, 2017 1217
Preacher Lawson Sara and Hero Johnny Manuel Mike Yung Yoli Mayor September 6, 2017 1218
2 Angelica Hale Diavolo Kechi Celine Tam Christian Guardino Colin Cloud September 12, 2017 1219
Light Balance Mandy Harvey In The Stairwell Merrick Hanna The Pompeyo Family September 13, 2017 1220


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1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th - 10th
Darci Lynne Angelica Hale Light Balance Mandy Harvey Sara and Hero Chase Goehring Diavolo Evie Clair
Kechi Preacher Lawson

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