Season 12 Judge Cuts
Acts Participating 80
Acts Moving On 28
Acts Eliminated 52
Televised from July 18, 2017 - August 8, 2017
Previous Round Season 12 Auditions
Next Round Season 12 Quarterfinals

The Judge Cuts of Season 12 of America's Got Talent aired from from July 18, 2017 to August 8, 2017. A total of 80 acts performed. 28 acts, along with 5 Golden Buzzer acts from the auditions, proceeded to the Quarterfinals, and 52 acts were rejected.


The Judge Cuts round returned for its third year.

Serving as the middle round between the auditions and the live shows, 80 acts were pulled from the 100+ acts that were accepted by the judges in the Auditions. The Judge Cuts took place over four days; every day, 20 acts performed with only 7 moving on to the Quarterfinals.

Joining the main judging panel were four guest judges While each regular judge was given a normal buzzer, each guest had only a Golden Buzzer he or she could press to send an act to the live shows without further deliberation as one of the 7 acts.Season12

Guest Judges

Chris Hardwick DJ Khaled Laverne Cox Seal
Chrishardwick Djkhaled Lavernecox Seal

Week 1

Main article: Episode 1207

Television host Chris Hardwick served as a guest judge. 20 acts participated, and 7 acts moved on.

Moved On:


Week 2

Main article: Episode 1208

DJ and record producer DJ Khaled served as a guest judge. 20 acts participated, and 7 acts moved on.

Moved On:


Week 3

Main article: Episode 1209

Actress Laverne Cox served as a guest judge. 20 acts participated, and 7 acts moved on. Bello Nock and Final Draft were picked as a wildcard to go through to the Quarterfinals.

Moved On:


Week 4

Main article: Episode 1210

Singer-songwriter Seal served as a guest judge. 20 acts participated, and 7 acts moved on.

Moved On:


Brandon Rogers did compete on this episode before he passed away, but he was edited out of the episode, explaining why only 19 acts are listed. [1]

Did Not Appear

The following acts were not seen in the competition after their auditions. Some acts were cut before the Judge Cuts, some had only intended to perform once for the judges, and others withdrew for personal reasons.


The following acts had to withdraw from the competition for personal reasons before the Judge Cuts were filmed: as such, they did not perform.


The following acts were eliminated in the Judge Cuts, but returned as a Wild Card for the Quarterfinals.

Also Moving On

The following act wasn't seen in the Judge Cuts, but progessed through to the Quarterfinals anyway.

Audition Golden Buzzer Acts

The following acts were given the Golden Buzzer during the audition round; as a result they were allowed to skip the Judge Cuts and advance straight to the Quarterfinals.

Moved On:

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