Season 12 Semifinals
Location Dolby Theatre
Acts Participating 22
Acts Moving On 10
Acts Eliminated 12
Televised from September 5, 2017 - September 13, 2017
Previous Round Season 12 Quarterfinals
Next Round Season 12 Finals

The Semifinals of Season 12 of America's Got Talent aired from September 5, 2017 to September 13, 2017. A total of 22 acts performed. 10 acts proceeded to the Finals, and 12 acts were eliminated.

  • Italics indicate that the act was either chosen to move on or eliminated in the Judges' Choice, which means they finished in either 5th or 6th in America's Vote.


From the 22 Semifinalists, 11 acts performed each week over two weeks. Each week, 5 acts moved onto the Finals.

The contestants that came in fourth, fifth, and sixth place in America's Vote fight for votes online in the Dunkin' Save. The act who received the most votes earned a spot in the Finals. The judges voted between the two remaining acts for the last spot of the week in the Finals.

Week 1

Main articles: Episode 1217 and Episode 1218

Moved On:


Week 2

Main articles: Episode 1219 and Episode 1220

Moved On:



  • During the third quarterfinal results show, it was revealed that Mandy Harvey and Merrick Hanna would perform in Week 1, but for unknown reasons, they ended up performing in Week 2.
    • Additionally, Chase Goehring, DaNell Daymon & Greater Works, and Mike Yung were all not announced for Week 1 in Episode 1216, but ended up performing on September 5 for unknown reasons.
    • During Episode 1218, Tyra Banks stated that the first semi-finals results had the biggest amount of votes in the entire history of the show.

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