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The Halls of Magic
Age (at audition) 50,56
Sex Mixed
Act Magicians
Seasons 6
Position Reached Vegas Round

The Halls of Magic was a magician duo act from Season 6 of America's Got Talent. It was eliminated in the Vegas Round.


The Hall of Magic's audition in Episode 604 consisted of Quick-change, "compressing" a woman into a two-dimensional figure, than reverting her back to her normal state. Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel both voted "Yes," (Piers Morgan was not present), sending the act to the Vegas Round.

Successful ~ America's Got Talent 2011, Minneapolis Auditions02:35

Successful ~ America's Got Talent 2011, Minneapolis Auditions

Vegas RoundEdit

The Halls of Magic was one of the Standby Acts in the Vegas Round. It was sorted into the "Magicians" category. Its performance in Episode 612 consisted of Kevin (one of the Halls) placing Janet (the other Hall) into a small box, sliding a blade through the center of it, placing two large tubes through the top and bottom and then spliitting the entire box into two sections. Janet then emerged from the box with a completely different outfit on and accessories. Their audition was marred when the producers required them to use an unfamilar "spinning prop" Kevin fumbled this unbalanced and too long prop, and the judges eliminated them from the competition.

The Magicians ~ America's Got Talent 2011, Vegas Week day 204:56

The Magicians ~ America's Got Talent 2011, Vegas Week day 2

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